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If you have a water protection area outside of your factory gates, as SCHELL, then you have been automatically bestowed the responsibility for nature. Therefore, for us it is an obligation to develop solutions that are one thing above all: sustainable.

Ultimately, sustainability is a key challenge for today’s and the future generations. Independent investigations have discovered that approx. 80% of the total life-cycle costs for a building are spent on operation and maintenance. This is where investments in water and energy-efficient fittings quickly pay off. Furthermore, maintenance and servicing costs play a decisive role.

SCHELL enjoys being renowned as the pioneer in the field of sustainable fittings. Thus, e.g. by using our products alone, it is possible to save up to 60% water. In addition, numerous fittings from SCHELL have been awarded the WELL label. This product classification introduced in Europe in 2011 provides information about the efficient and sustainable operation of a sanitary fitting. Hygiene also plays a vital role in the topic of sustainability Particularly in public sanitary rooms. Here, SCHELL provides numerous intelligent solutions. For example, contact-free washbasin, WC or urinal fittings.

At SCHELL, sustainability just does not mean the products. For example, our production processes take place in both our plants in the Sauerland. This saves us considerably in terms of logistics costs and helps nature by preventing avoidable environmental damage. Also self-evident for us as the resource-saving use of materials. An example of this is the fact that all brass swarf and burr from the production processes are collected and returned to the brass manufacturer.


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